All of the apparel and accessory graphics are designed and created by Carenina and Alysia. The concept of each individual item we offer in our on-line boutique  is derived from meaningful moments in our lives that have impacted us one way or another. Some of our designs may just relate to our everyday world. Whether it’s a positive or happy phrase on a shirt, one word that could mean so much, or even just a simple graphic. Everything means something to us. 
Our jewelry is designed and handmade by Carenina and created with a plethora of beads, crystals & beautiful healing stones. They are created with an enormous amount of love and emotion. Each piece is unique and authentic and no two pieces will be duplicated by Carenina.  At the time of design, a brief description about what inspired the piece will be documented and shared.  The therapeutic aspect is what brings these beautiful jewels to life. Such a perfect and meaningful gift to give someone you care about. Especially when you learn the thought process that goes into our creations. 
Alysia and Carenina believe very strongly in supporting Mental Health Awareness and many other charities. We plan to participate in various fundraising projects to help raise money for the many organizations in need.